About Us

John “koorby” Venema has been an IT professional for 26 years, working mainly for US-based multinational software companies. John has tackled almost anything there is to do in IT including cutting code, tech support, professional services, sales, marketing, graphics design, and training. He founded and created the hugely successful Vista Australis (VOZ) scenery project for Australia, which is one of the most downloaded addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator in its 20 year history. Over the past 24 months, the VOZ website has recorded over 40 million unique visitors.

John has dabbled in all forms of hand drawn and computer art, 3D programming and graphic design for over 25 years. John has been working full-time as Orbx CEO since May 2007. He is learning to fly ultralight aircraft, but has let his lessons languish due to his obsession with creating a virtual world instead. John has flown over 3 million kilometres on commercial jets over the last three decades, so has a good understanding of how the world looks like from the air.

Matthew Tomkins is the full-time Development Manager for Orbx and has had a variety of jobs, most recently in the university sector as a researcher and in the Commonwealth public service as a data analyst. He has two degrees in Government and is in the final stages of completing a PhD in Political Science. Matt has spent many years playing guitar in ‘indy’ rock bands and is an accomplished landscape water colour painter. On the flightsim side of things, Matt is the author of numerous freeware addons, including Oz Trees (an autogen tree texture package), NDEP (an Australian ground tile package for FS2002) and the franchise of ‘Matt’s Trees’ object libraries. He also contributed ground tile and autogen tree repaints, custom landclass and vector scenery to the VOZ Project. His outstanding skills in creating ground textures led John Venema to approach him to join him at Orbx. Matt is also shareholder in Orbx.

Martin Henare is the Senior Developer for Orbx and is also currently employed as a qualified Licensed Aircraft Mechanical Engineer. Martin has years of experience in modeling and is a keen student of architecture, applying these skills to the production of some very detailed airport sceneries released with VOZ. Martin is currently working on international airports for Orbx, which will form part of our expanding product line. Additionally, Martin is also creating many of the custom Orbx autogen library objects, using GMax as the modeling tool.

Holger Sandmann is a world-renowned developer of many best selling Flight Simulation addons and is working with the Orbx team as a senior technical advisor and developing key aspects of the functionality of FTX. Holger brings with him a wealth of experience from his full time work in the geospatial sciences field and we count it a privilege to have him involved in the project. Holger is also the project leader on our upcoming FTX USA PNW region pack currently in development.

Ross Casey is contributing the custom coastlines, rives, lakes and other scenery details to FTX. Ross brings with him years of outstanding contributions to the FS addon scene, including his many additions to the VOZ freeware project over the past few years. Of all the people in the team, Ross suffers the most from RSI due to the millions of mouse clicks he’s cranking out to hand-craft the coastlines.

Barry Meiklejohn is our custom landclass guru and the SDK project manager, and together with Martin Lott, are defining how the FTX textures are displayed in many keys cities and large townships throughout the region, using both traditional landclass files and also polygon landclass. Barry is also contributing small GA airfields to the freeware series.

Martin Lott is on the custom landclass team and he specialises in creating accurate polygon based landclass components which enhance areas in cities and large town with even greater accuracy. Martin has also contributed to many aspect of the VOZ scenery projects over the past few years.

Christian Stock is another world-renowned developer of many very popular FS addons and is also working with the Orbx team as a senior technical advisor and also developing aspects of the functionality of FTX, in particular the critical modifications to internal FSX files which allows FTX to achieve its unique look and feel.

Mark W. Lee is probably the most prolific and manic airport designer we’ve ever met! He’s the man responsible for the bulk of the little “gems” which are the GA Freeware airfields Orbx will be releasing with each region pack. Mark is also actively involved in the VOZ projects.

John Ross is an established and well respected airport scenery designer, and is creating a new series of payware airports for Orbx, working alongside Martin Henare.

Marty Pomej is our coder who will be ensuring the installer and FTX Mode application are rock solid and a cinch to use. Martin has nearly 15 years coding experience in IT companies. Martin was also responsible for the now famous VOZ switcher.

Jay Kae is an IT professional and our server guy. He’s also the chairman of the VOZ freeware projects for FS9 and FSX. Jay ensures our websites are safe and stay up 24/7.

Our Beta Team hails from all corners of the globe, with a healthy representation from Australia, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands and the USA. These individuals selflessly give of their time to ensure that FTX is delivered as bug free as possible. Many of the wondeful screenshots you see on this website have been taken by the beta team. In alphabetical order: Benny Page, Mark Ledingham, Mango, Maurice King, Rob Nieuwenhoven, Stian Rolandsen, Timothy Mayhew, Tony Arnold, Wolter van der Spoel and Phillip May.